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You expect dedicated professionals to take care of you so you can focus on building your business. Extraordinary service is our focus and it’s what makes all the difference.

 Web Design

The difference between a website and a professional website is how it is designed. A website gets the job done; while a professional website is clean, easy to navigate, and loads quickly. The website engages users through social media, blogs and unique content creating a perfect storm of user experience that turns a user into a customer.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a mixture of art and science. We create all of our websites with the best SEO practices available. As no one website is the same, SEO is not a one size fit all type of service. We help you to determine what keywords to optimize for, we provide keyword and competitor analysis, and we help create an actionable plan to ensure your website will rank well on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Search Engine Marketing

Do users click on ads in search results? Yes! Search Engine Marketing is the quickest way to get your business in front of thousands of potential customers. But SEM has become a fiercely competitive game that is divided between pros and amateurs. There are many variables that drive SEM and only a professional adwords consultant can help you navigate a mine field filled with CPC, bid prices, and quality scores. If that sounds Greek to you don’t worry, we are hear to guide your business to the top of the search results!

Social, Local, & Mobile Marketing

Social, Local, and Mobile Marketing is the best way to connect with potential customers. Put your business in your customers palm and connect with them to turn website visitors into customers. Also use it to turn one time customers into recurring customers. Whether using Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube you can get social with your customers. Also use Local Listings on Google Maps to put your business out front when customers are searching for you in their area. Also connect with customers via Text Mobile marketing to help drive sales through your door!

Mobile Applications

As an app developer, we know that just getting an app into the store is not enough to create success. Brandon & Turner Group provides the services you need to create world class experiences for your users – that’s what drives app success. No matter how you develop mobile apps, we have a way for you to add powerful monetization and interactivity features.


We can provide a complete company branding solution for your business. Logo, Letterhead, Business Cards, Customize Social Media Profiles, even product packaging design. We can help create the image and feel that your business needs. Contact us for a custom quote.

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Handling Negative Feedback on Social Media

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Why Use Google Analytics?

There’s a reason why Google Analytics is the most popular platform for web analytics among business owners. Advantages It’s free. Easy to use. Powerful -- You can see all the different types of analytics such as users, traffic source, behavioral and acquisition all in...

Acquisition vs Retention Analytics

Web analytics are very useful when it comes to acquiring new customers and figuring out what to do with them once they’re acquired. Within business these are referred to as: Acquisition Analytics Acquiring a first time visitor or subscriber. The goal is to spend the...

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