If you have established an online brand for yourself and your business, it’s only a matter of time before you encounter some negative feedback on social media. But just because negative feedback is inevitable doesn’t mean you have to let it affect you negatively. Here are some tips on how to turn criticism into constructive criticism:

Address it publicly.

  • If customers come to you with bugs, embrace it. Chances are, you’ve spent hundreds or thousands of dollars during R&D. If everyday users are discovering and presenting you with any bugs they may find, they are helping you for free. Don’t ignore them, thank them!

Don’t simply delete comments.

  • Remember that just because a user points out a mistake you made, or a bug your product might have, doesn’t mean it’s bad publicity. You can spin these apparent negatives into positives by thanking your critics for pointing out how you can improve their experience. When other people see how graciously you can accept criticism, they are more likely to support you and your brand.

Resolve problems properly & quickly.

  • You can turn critics into loyal, lifelong fans if you address their issues in a timely and thorough manner. Other users / colleagues will take notice and appreciate not only your efficient customer service, but your quality of character as well.

If you keep the above tips in mind the next time someone points out a mistake you made, you will be able to turn bugs into opportunities for improvement — and with improvement comes success.

Blake Jamieson, Director of Content Marketing at PoolSupplyWorld, highlights best practices when addressing negative feedback on social media.